Sustainability Roadmap - A Guideline for a Sustainable Company

How we impact the Triple Bottom Line – Moving from Values into Action

HMC uses themes, inspired by the UN Sustainable Development Goals to nurture sustainability awareness into our work practices. These sustainable themes represent our values and ambitions in achieving our sustainable targets. They are Offshore Excellence, Good Health and Well Being, Reduce Footprint and Emissions and Sustainable Supply Chain Management, which together achieve an optimum balance of the triple bottom line. Excellence is the fourth category which captures undefinable creativity and out of the box thinking. Though the achievements accumulate over the years, and our ambitions are adjusted as we progress in our sustainable journey, the themes remain the same. Each theme has its own projects with targets and persons to be held accountable to develop the sustainable agenda within the company. The main targets and projects for this year are listed below. A list with all the seperate initiatives Heerema can be found here.

 Ensure a healthy, safe work environment and promote well-being - Director Services


  • Develop a new “Mobility” plan to maximize employee travel efficiency and comfort
  • Organize a monthly gathering to energize the community and HMC employees

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Reduce our impact on the environment and become carbon neutral - Director Operations


  • Continue the development of Shore Power Calandkanaal Project
  • Investigate usage of alternative fuels (GTL/HVO) and organize pilot
  • Participate in the TNO study DERISCO2 and investigate CCS potential for Sleipnir

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Embed sustainability in the supply chain - Director Wind


  • Propose a Carbon Neutral Tender
  • Participate in third cycle of Our Oceans Challenge and develop 3 ideas
  • Expand the usage of BlueScan within HMC supply chain

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To excel and act different - Director Strategy & Technology


  • Set up a Carbon Bookkeeping System to make Carbon Footprint auditable
  • “From Values into Action”, Embed Sustainability Themes into the corporate and appoint account managers. Create a PR campaign to communicate HMC Sustainability Agenda internally and externally. 
  • Participate in a third Maritime Circular Track
  • Perform feasibility study of SoundEnergy for Heerema

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