Sustainability Roadmap - A Guideline for a Sustainable Company

How we create Impact: Themes - Moving from Values into Action

The themes are the central part of the roadmap and represent People, Planet and Projects. The themes represent our values and nurture sustainability awareness into our work practices. these projects propel our sustainability agenda forward by creating awareness and engaging Heerema employees. Though the achievements accumulate over the years, and our ambitions are adjusted as we progress in our sustainable journey, the themes remain the solid foundation on which we translate our values into action. They are Good Health and Well Being, Reduce Footprint and Emissions, Sustainable Supply Chain Management, which together achieve an optimum balance of the triple bottom line. Excellence is the fourth category which captures undefinable creativity and out of the box thinking. Ultimately, sustainability projects aim to reduce cost, reduce waste, improve the amount of social value and reduce our environmental footprint.

Good Health and Well-Being - We recognize our most valuable asset - our workforce, who we want to protect and support. The Good Health and Well-Being theme delivers the goal of providing a safe working environment that promotes health and happiness. For work-based Health and Safety, we have our Dare to Care program that supports our core safety values.

Reduce Footprint and Emissions - In line with the Paris Agreement (2016), Heerema is committed to realizing the ambitions set out in the theme Reduce Footprint and Emissions. We have already come far both within our offices but also throughout our fleet in achieving several reduction initiatives. Most recently, we engaged in alternative fuel trials to drive down our emissions. These fuels will be used on Thialf initially, meaning our two largest vessels are using clean fuels with Sleipnir having the capacity to run on LNG.

Sustainable Supply Chain Management - Setting our targets internally can only be one part of our sustainability story. We also strive to create sustainable value in our supply chain not only in terms of environmental impact but also in terms of human rights, corporate social responsibility, labor practices, fair operating guidelines, and proper local content.

Offshore Excellence - As a leading Marine Contractor, it only makes sense that we strive for Offshore Excellence. This theme focuses on innovation and creative thinking to enable Heerema to be the best in making the impossible possible offshore. This theme contributes to sustainability by creating the necessary environment for employees to explore new and often untested ideas. 

Each theme has its own projects with targets and persons to be held accountable to develop the sustainable agenda within the company. The main targets and projects for this year are listed below. A list with all the seperate initiatives Heerema can be found here.

 Ensure a healthy, safe work environment and promote well-being - Director Services


  • Start a discussion on stress and burnout
  • Investigate diversity within Heerema

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Reduce our impact on the environment and become carbon neutral - Director Operations


  • Perform a test on alternative fuels on board Thialf (HVO/GTL)
  • Investigate feasibility of battery energy storage on board (Hybridization)
  • Participate in the DerisCO2 study and investigate CCS potential for Sleipnir

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Embed sustainability in the supply chain - Manager Procurement


  • Initiate plastic reduction plan
  • Foster steel market place and investigate opportunities outside Heerema

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To excel and act different - Director Strategy & Technology


  • Investigate hydrogen opportunities within Heerema
  • Determine feasibility of 3D printing on board Heerema vessels
  • Finish basic design study for SoundEnergy on board Sleipnir/Thialf

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