Meet the Boys Shelter we support in Porto Amboim

On Monday, April 8th, the Board visited REMAR, a Boys Shelter that we support in Porto Amboim. REMAR is a global organization which helps young kids to get back on track (orphans, homeless and addicted). In Porto Amboim there is a boys shelter where at the moment 24 boys are being looked after. With a team of responsible employees Heerema monitor REMAR periodically. We continuously talk to the group leaders of REMAR and try to comply with their needs, like teaching, potable water, electricity, supplies, etc.)

From our last visit we noticed that they have a little soccer field in their compound. No not with grass, but from soil and having two goals. A plan was born to arrange real soccer shirts on our next visit. So, last Monday afternoon we had the pleasure of handing out Ajax and Barcelona shirts.  Now I can say that it's very difficult for a Feyenoord die hard, which Wijnand and myself are, to hand-out Ajax shirts. However, seeing the smiles on their faces it makes you humble and easy to step-over your principles.