Full Power - Zero Emissions

Connecting Heerema's fleet to the grid using sustainable energy will provide a significant reduction in terms of emissions and noise. This is because the diesel generators on Thialf and LNG generators on Sleipnir will be switched off shortly after the vessel is moored, meaning nearly all emissions – CO2, NOX, SOX and PM – will be eliminated by Heerema in the Caland Canal. In the future, even more vessels could be connected to the grid to further reduce the (carbon) footprint. In addition to the emissions saved, noise generation will be reduced significantly too. 

On the 24th of October 2019, the contract between Heerema, Eneco and Port of Rotterdam was signed. Because of the innovative character of the project, the municipality has contributed with a conditional subsidy.

Throughout our global societies there is the common goal of a carbon neutral and sustainable future. This can be achieved through international legislation like the Paris Agreement that is being shaped into tangible laws and regulations on (inter)national levels. While in the Netherlands, society is largely switching from using gas to electricity. Our clients are looking for 'carbon-initiatives' and often ask to see how contractors plan to reduce their carbon footprint. Heerema goes further than compliance, we want to lead the industry. 

We believe that together, by freely and openly sharing information, we create a sustainable and economically feasible business case that is a win-win situation for everyone involved. Each partner in the consortium has knowledge and abilities to strengthen the case. We have divided the partners into maritime and public partners, facilitators and service providers.