The largest crane vessel in the world on LNG

Heerema is frontrunner in the Offshore Construction Industry in embracing LNG as marine fuel. The newest addition to Heerema’s fleet - the Sleipnir - has numerous features that reduce its impact on the environment and increase sustainability, including the use of LNG as fuel. Sleipnir entered the market in 2019 as the most sustainable heavy lifting vessel in the world. Compared to heavy fuel oil, carbon emissions are reduced by approximately 20%, while other emissions are reduced by almost 95% or more!

The Sleipnir boosts numerous other features, apart from the reduction of emissions due to the usage of LNG. It is completely outfitted with LED-lighting, has a heat/cold energy recovery system, equipped with variable frequency drives and state-of-the-art silicon based anti-fouling paint to name just a few. The sustainable design philosophy,  implemented as early as 2013, clearly showcases Heerema’s dedication to sustainability beyond simply compliance. It shows that we act sustainable because we want to. Not because we have to.