Sustainable Views by Our Employees

What does sustainability mean to our employees, at the forefront of our business? We ask key members of the Heerema Sustainability Community about their views.

Young Heerema's View on Sustainability

"Sustainability for us is the development and innovation of our current processes to reduce waste without a negative effect on technological capabilities. This enables reducing negative environmental impact, enforcing long term economical position and increase social acceptance."

Circular Thinking

"It is easy: contributing to the world in restoring the environment to the full, so that future generations can still be dazzled by white glaciers an snowy mountains."

A Sustainable Legacy

 "Heerema has a legacy of being the first of many in our industry. Our visionary sustainability agenda is no exception. LNG in Sleipnir, a sustainable office and in the future the ambition to execute our projects on a carbon neutral basis are just examples of many initiatives.

The world must know that Heerema is a front runner in its ambition to become a sustainable company, where each and every employee lives and breathes people, planet and profit values and continues to be proud to be part of Heerema's continuing legacy of great achievements. Not because we have to. Because we all want to."

Sustainability Community

The Sustainability Community is a group of people within Heerema that share a passion for sustainability and aim to improve Heerema in this regard. It is not only an online community, regular lunch and learn sessions are organized with external speakers to discuss and engage in varying sustainable topics. Examples of external speakers include Arnaud Kooij (CEO of Layertec), Mark van Koningsveld (Professor at TU Delft and Program Director of Reefguard at Van Oord) or Hendrik-Jan Groeneveld (Ambassador of Mercy Ships). The goal of this community is to inspire, discuss and improve Heerema's Sustainability Goals and Values. Interested to learn more or join one of the offline events? Contact our Sustainability Advisor.