Offshore oil and gas developments in shallow to medium water often involve the construction and installation of a fixed platform. These structures vary in size and complexity, but all of them are constructed onshore after which they need to be transported and installed at the offshore location.

Heerema Marine Contractors provides world-class expertise for transportation and installation services of any size – from shallow water installations to deep water facilities and from light to ultra-heavy. We operate offshore lift vessels that combine single and dual crane possibilities with horizontal and vertical jacket lift abilities. And we do this in the toughest of marine environments.

Our customers work with us because of our unique ability to deliver well-engineered, risk-assessed transportation and installation services for offshore structures combined with our reputation of always delivering up to our commitments. In all cases, our vessels, cranes and expertise operate together to create thoroughly thought-out execution plans for one cohesive installation operation. This provides cost-benefits, enables predictable delivery times and facilitates the achievement of the planned first oil date.


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