Innovative, integrated solutions for projects of any scale

Heerema has a proven track record of successfully executing all types of offshore installation projects – up to complex EPIC projects – through peace-of-mind, effective solutions. Our Offshore Wind services focus on the transportation and installation of turbines, foundations, AC substations and DC convertor stations. We use experienced people, vessels, supporting equipment and assets as we leverage our years of offshore experience into project excellence for all aspects of these T&I activities. Of course, we also work closely with our customers and project partners to provide the flexibility you need for your supply chain interfaces. And our approach is ready for the future – our vessels and innovative installation approaches can scale up to the larger turbine/jacket combinations of tomorrow and beyond.

The challenges of Offshore Wind projects and our solutions

The Offshore Wind market is an exciting example of innovation driven by economic factors, safety and clean, green demands. However, it is also a market characterized by the ultimate challenge of keeping costs as low as possible per kilowatt hour. Heerema understands these challenges, and we use all of our expertise to help transport and install components across the Offshore Wind sector. Our execution philosophy is firmly based on the proven, reliable and predictable approach that we have developed over 50 years. At the same time, we meet the sector's new challenges head-on. Our vessels are supplied offshore with all installation components for shorter offshore durations. Our in-house engineers stay on top of the latest developments and innovations in transport and installation projects. And our foundation noise reduction innovations go further than today's benchmarks.

Maintaining a sustainable approach

Your company has a reputation to protect, and our approach is always focused on ensuring that it remains intact. Sustainability is a big part of this responsibility, and is an essential component of our management philosophy - in the boardroom and in the field. For instance, we have purposefully designed our new vessel Sleipnir to adhere to four sustainable values - Efficient, Clean, Safe and Silent - as it runs on LNG and captures energy during load lowering operations. We are also equipping vessels with heat/cold energy re-use, LED lights and other features to reduce our CO2 footprint. We respect all safety, human resource and environmental standards, and throughout all of our activities, we foster transparency with all relevant stakeholders such as the customer, the authorities and local communities.

Predictable execution through regulatory experience

Navigating the regulatory challenges of the Offshore Wind sector requires experience and hands-on expertise. Heerema helps customers succeed in this complex environment by ensuring alignment to all issues such as stringent bidding, contract and permitting requirements. We'll work tirelessly to meet all technical, safety and environmental issues for a smoothly-run project that meets every milestone.

Continuous innovation for lower costs

We constantly work to develop smart solutions that truly help our clients reduce costs in the T&I chain. Some of the latest innovations include installing foundations with minimal noise impact, and the installation of fully-integrated and assembled wind turbine generators to minimize and optimize interfaces in the supply chain. These opportunities for project improvements enhance operational and cost efficiency - innovation in manageable steps with real-world impact for our customers.

A responsible partner

Our commitment to Quality Assurance, Safety, Health and the Environment (QASHE) aims to prevent harm to people and the environment they work in. And it is an integral part of virtually all our activities. We adhere to ISO certification and legal standards across the globe. We are committed to maintaining an injury and incident free (IIF) workplace. And we measure the environmental impact created by our assets and activities, setting annual targets for the continuous improvement of our environmental performance and the prevention of pollution. On every project, and in everything that we do, we perform with fairness, integrity and respect.