High performance, from light to ultra-heavy installation services

Heerema Marine Contractors provides world-class expertise for transport and installation services of any size - from shallow water installations to deep water facilities and from light to ultra-heavy. We have a track record of proven and record-breaking experience - including the heaviest deck ever lifted, world's heaviest jacket, unique structures like compliant towers and the installation of 80% of the SPARs and TLPs existing globally. Our customers work with us because of our unique ability to deliver well-engineered, risk-assessed transportation and installation services for offshore structures combined with our reputation of always delivering up to our commitments. In all cases, our vessels, cranes and expertise operate together to create thoroughly thought-out execution plans for one cohesive installation operation. This provides cost benefits, enables predictable delivery times and facilitates the achievement of the planned first oil date.

Unique assets for strength and flexibility

Heerema has a large and highly versatile fleet of specialized vessels and equipment, providing unmatched execution redundancy and flexibility. Our vessels provide 95% year-round workability for shorter, more predictable schedules. And our assets are fully owned, which means that our customers enjoy the comfort of commitment from the party that truly controls their schedules and capabilities.

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A commitment to continuous innovation

Across six decades, Heerema has demonstrated commitment to innovation in a variety of areas. When it comes to assets, we moved from monohull to semi-submersible crane vessels. When it comes to operations, we expanded from single to dual crane operations and simultaneous single crane operations, and we performed floatovers up to 50,000mT. When it comes to sustainability, we now capture energy from lowering loads, and our Sleipnir is LNG-powered with dual fuel capabilities. And we have done this while working closely with our customers to create innovate execution and contract approaches that deliver predictability and confidence.

Our projects: collaborative and transparent

Heerema's customers demand - and deserve - project transparency. Heerema is fully owned and operated, which provides us with neutrality and independence as we work with fabricators, design houses, certification authorities, governments and, of course, our customers. We encourage our customers to involve us (and other key contractors) as early as possible in the project to align approaches and expectations from the start.

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Our people: turning assets into strong, flexible T&I solutions

Working effectively in tough marine environments demands more than simply knowing what to do. It requires experience, dedication - and above all, people - to get things done. Our people are trained in every aspect of offshore construction and our dedicated teams have the passion and expertise needed to plan, execute and finish projects incident-free and according to plan. They have the proactive ability to mitigate unforeseen issues before they become a problem. We work with trusted partners who deliver on their promises and offer experience and expertise of their own. This collaborative approach ensures alignment to all timeline, technical, safety and environmental issues. Our teams have the project management experience to run smooth and stable operations in any environment across the globe.