Diesel Hydraulic Winch

Description:Diesel Hydraulic Driven Waterfall 2 Drums Winch (3x)
Capacity:40 t / drum  6mtr/min
Storage Capacity:750 mtr / drum  D 1.75"
Dimension / Weight:5390 x 4610 x 2240 / 45 Ton (no wire)

Constant Tension Winches

DescriptionCompact Hydraulic Driven Constant Tension Winches.
Capacity:14T and 17 T 64 mm x 650 meter SWR
Line Speed 1st layer:60 mtr/min
Hydraulic Powerpack:Diesel Driven Hydraulic Powerpack for 2 winches installed in 10 ft Container
Dimension / weight:2110 x 1400 x 1355 / 3,5t Ton (no wire)

AR Winch (Traction Winch)

DescriptionElectrical Driven AR Winch Spread incl. Storage Winch Make Bodewes Winches
Capacity:475mT Line Pull / 1000mT Holding Power
Line Speed 1st layer:10 m/min
AR Wire Dia:137mm 

Chain Winches

Description:Hydraulic Driven Chain Winch System
Capacity:2 x 50 mT and 1 x 200mT
Line Speed 1st layer:10 m/min
Chain Link:Gipsy Wheel Suitable for 2 Chain link Properties 178mm and 161mm

Mooring Line Deployment Winch

Description:Reel Drive Units System incl Reel
Capacity:Max. 100mT at 4 mtr Reel Diam. / Max. Torque 200 Tm
Line Speed 1st layer:0.75 rpm max load
Reel Weight:250 mT