Offshore heavy lift vessel Aegir offers the possibility to install offshore structures for the offshore wind industry, like WTG foundations and transformer stations. Next to this the Aegir serves the decommissioning and the transport and installation markets.

The Aegir is a fast moving DP crane vessel with increased deck space in addition to Heerema's Semi Submersible Crane Vessels. The shipshape of the Aegir is such designed that she has the highest operability for monohulls. In combination with the DP system it has the possibility to weather vane and assure the installations can be performed under many environmental conditions.

Due to its retractable thrusters and shallow draft, Aegir has the possibility to load decommissioned platform components offshore and bring them directly to the quayside of disposal yards avoiding load-in cost with SPMT trailers or quayside cranes.

Length overall210 m689 ft
Width46.2 m151 ft
Operating draft9 - 11 m29.5 - 36 ft
Transit draft8 m26.3 ft


The living quarters are equipped to accommodate 289 persons in single and double cabins, with a maximum of 305 persons.

Life-saving Equipment

Aegir has life-saving equipment on board for 399 people.

Heavy Lift Crane

  • Type: Revolving mast type crane.
  • Boom length: 125 m.
  • Capacity revolving: 4,000 mT between 17 m and 40 m radius; 1,500 mT at 78 m radius.
  • Lifting height: 96 m above main deck.
  • Maximum radius: 79 m.
  • Auxiliary Hoist: 750 mT at 23 - 92 m radius.
  • Whip hoist: 110 t at 31 - 123 m radius.

Auxiliary Cranes

Deck cranes:
Two (2) knuckle boom cranes, each 40 mT SWL at 20 m radius and 5 mT at 40 m radius. Man riding certified.


ROV: Two (2) ROV work class systems, launchable from ROV hangars at starboard and port side.

LARS: Two (2) launch and recovery systems inside the ROV hangars suitable for 3500 m waterdepth.

Power Equipment

Main power: 48 MW total main power plant consisting of six diesel generators rated at 8 MW each.

Emergency power: One emergency diesel generator set rated at 1731 kW.

Station Keeping / Propulsion System


  • Two (2) 6.5 MW fixed pitch, variable speed, underwater de-mountable thrusters for main propulsion and DP.
  • Four (4) 3.2 MW fixed pitch, variable speed, retractable thrusters for DP.
  • One (1) 2.5 MW fixed pitch, variable speed tunnel thruster for DP and maneuvering. 

DP system:

DP class 3 system