HMC's open J-Lay Tower allows structures to be installed with one vessel:

  • Templates
  • Inline Tee Assemblies (ITA)
  • Pipeline End Manifolds (PLEM)
  • Installation of larger and integrated or multi-functional in-line structures


  • Improved project structure
  • Reduced mobilization costs


The DCV Balder J-lay tower has been designed with three main features:

  • Hoisting capacity of 1,050 t This provides the possibility of field development in a water depth of 3,500 m. 
  • Use of collars instead of tensioners This system replaces friction based systems (tensioners) and provides less risk in the event system failure of dropping the pipe. 
  • Open tower concept allowing installation of in-line structures: Deepwater field developments are a combination of pipelines and structures like templates, Inline Tee Assemblies (ITA), PipeLine End Manifolds (PLEMs). etc. Using the open J-Lay tower, all these structures can be installed with one vessel, improving the project schedule and reducing mobilization costs.