Welcoming Sleipnir to The Netherlands

19 March 2020, Leiden, The Netherlands

The world's largest semi-submersible crane vessel Sleipnir will arrive in the Port of Rotterdam for the first time on Sunday, March 22. Sembcorp Marine, a Singaporean ship and offshore builder, completed the construction of Sleipnir in July 2019, and since then, our vessel has been busy across the globe.


Named after the Norse God Odin's eight-legged stallion, Sleipnir stands at 220 meters long, 102 meters wide, can accommodate 400 employees, and weighs 119,000 tons. Sleipnir is the world's first crane vessel to have dual-fuel engines that run on MGO and LNG, drastically reducing harmful emissions. The vessel has two cranes onboard, each capable of lifting 10,000 metric tons - meaning Sleipnir could lift two Eiffel Towers, one on each crane!


Living up to its mythical namesake, the vessel had already broken lifting records for crane vessels with a 15,300 metric ton lift in September 2019. This lift was during Sleipnir's first project, the Noble Energy Leviathan installation, located in the Mediterranean Sea in Israeli waters. From here, Sleipnir crossed the Atlantic and worked on the Peregrino C platform installation for Equinor in Brazilian waters. Before heading to Trinidad for more successfully executed installation work. 


Sleipnir has so far performed successful installations worldwide, and next, the vessel will be engaged in decommissioning work across the North Sea. We value sustainability, and by using Sleipnir, our clients can clean up retired drilling platforms with the cleanest SSCV on the seas. The vessel is due to depart at the end of March for the first of several jobs. 


If you are interested in learning more about what makes Sleipnir so sustainable, please find further information on this page


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